We offer consultancy on the following services and their associated deliverables:-

1. Risk Management Deliverables

  1. Risk Assessment Report: A comprehensive document outlining the identified risks, their potential impact, and recommended mitigation strategies. Risk Assessment is an important process in risk management.
  2. Risk Registers: Outlining operational, strategic, and processes risk register.
  3. Compliance Audit Report: Detailed findings on how well the organization aligns with industry regulations and standards.
  4. Insurance Coverage Analysis: A report evaluating the adequacy of current insurance policies and recommending changes if necessary.

2. Project Management Deliverables

  1. Project Risk Matrix: A table categorizing project risks by likelihood and impact, complete with mitigation plans.
  2. Project Risk Management Report: A presentation of high risks to the project during a project phase.
  3. Resource Allocation Chart: A visual representation of resource allocation, considering potential risks.
  4. Project Timeline: A Gantt chart or similar tool includes risk-adjusted timelines and milestones.

3. Business Continuity Management Deliverables

  1. Business Impact Analysis Report: BIA outlines the potential financial and operational impact of various risk scenarios.
  2. Business Continuity Plans: BCP documents outline the organization’s core critical processes and how to respond during disasters.
  3. Disaster Recovery Plan: A step-by-step guide for restoring business operations following a disaster.
  4. Crisis Communication Templates: Pre-prepared communication templates for use during a crisis, tailored to various stakeholders.

4. Enterprise Risk Management Deliverables

  1. ERM Framework Document: A comprehensive guide to the organization’s approach to enterprise risk management, including governance structures and processes.
  2. Strategic Risk Map: A visual tool for identifying and prioritizing enterprise-level risks. Strategic risks
  3. Performance Metrics Dashboard: A real-time, interactive dashboard displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) related to risk management.

Additional Deliverables

  1. Training Manuals: Guides and handbooks for training staff on risk management best practices.
  2. Webinars and Training Videos: Recorded or live sessions covering various aspects of risk management.
  3. Quarterly Risk Updates: Periodic reports updating clients on new risks and changes in the risk landscape.
  4. Consultation Summary: A document summarizing the findings and recommendations from one-on-one consultation sessions.

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